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Fabric Postcard # 2

Good Afternoon!

2nd Fabric Postcard in a series. I solved the problem of how to mail it safely while allowing it to be visible to all that handle it. I used one of my thousands of AOL cases, in this case a clear plastic one, took the inner tray out(it just popped out) replaced it with a piece of linen stationary and viola! A clear presentation case!

On the underside of the paper, yet inside the case, I can affix a mailing label or better yet on a separate piece of paper. I like the way it looks in the case...If anyone out there has more of the clear ones(they are approx. dvd case size), I would be happy to do a trade with you for some crafty stuff that I have.

Without further ado...

This is approx 4" x 6" and cut from a pieced quilt top that I made using a selection of my purple fabrics. It was then "sandwiched with 1/4" batting and a muslin backing.

Lots of hand-quilting and fabulous beads. I am really learning to appreciate the fine art of beading and using it in conjunction with the hand-quilting to create surface texture that just begs to be touched. I love running my fingers over the surface of it.

The center flower is a found object, a "gold tone" plastic barrett that I "painted" with nail polish and secured to the postcard by loading my needle with 4 - 5 beads and sewing between each of the petals.

Features Japanese and Czech beads, metallic seed beads, raffia couched with embroidery floss, and natural seed pods dyed purple.

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