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All about Afghans, Throws, Quilts, Pillowghans & M's Journal

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  2007.03.08  11.49


I want to introduce myself since I’ve never posted at this community before.

I’m completely new this whole live journal thing, my fiancé got me interested and so far from just watching I think this is an awesome thing to be involved in.

Mood: excited

  2007.02.12  14.58
beautiful crocheted afghan!!

Please check out this cheap auction for a beautiful rainbow star crocheted afghan!



  2007.01.09  18.31

i am in love with the Queen of Hearts pattern i found in "100 Afghan Squares to Knit" but cannot find the yarn anywhere! i'm guessing since the book is 5 years old, they are discontinued. I'm looking for Rowan Handknit DK Cotton in the following colors and quantities. if ANYone can help me, i would be so grateful! I can't even find them on eBay... and that's saying something. any help, a website you know of selling Rowan discontinued colors or anthing...

Thanks so much!

1.75oz/ 50g balls
4- pink
8- apricot
6- pale gray
6- lilac
7- pale yellow
5- lime
3- green
7- mid blue
3- orange
5- mid yellow
1- bright yellow

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  2006.11.24  01.44
Cage Comforters Needed

Hi, I'm just reposting this for my friend Retno- hope this is a good place to do it!:)

"Hello everyone:

I'm writing because I have the daunting, well okay -- challenging task of asking for help from potential quilters and sewers.

The New York City Animal Care and Control has designed a volunteer program called "Cage Comforters." The comforters are a gift of comfort for a homeless animal in desperate need. You help increase their chances of adoption by helping them relax so they can put their best face forward for potential adopters. When they go their new home, the comforters will go with them and this familiar item will help ease their adjustment to their new surroundings.
As a volunteer and supporter for many animal rescue and rehabilitation program, believe me, this makes such a HUGE IMPACT as there are more than 59,000 (that's right FIFTY NINE THOUSAND) dogs and cats that desperately need these comforters!

I believe that if we all pitch in and use our different talents and resources, that number can be reduced significantly. I may know how to design fine jewelry but I don't know how to sew. Also, I used to work as a "professional beggar" in my past life and I can definitely write letters to ask companies for donations including fabric material, batting or thread.

Below are the specifications and instructions on how to make the cage comforters. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email me. All finished comforters can be delivered to the AC&C offices in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

I hope you will join in helping the many homeless dogs and cats in our City. Many, many thanks!

XOXO, Retno

Joseph Calegari
c/o P.S. 145
100 Noll Street Brooklyn NY 11206

Comforters can be made from any type of material except looped fabrics like chenille or terry cloth that might get snagged in the animal's nails. They should be a finished size of 12" x 18," but this can vary slightly as long as they are not smaller than that. They should also be stuffed with polyester batting because it dries quickly after laundering. The batting should be at least 1/2" thick.

1) Cut material to 13" x 38," allowing an extra inch around the seams.
2) Fold it in half with wrong side facing out so that it now measures 13" x 19."
3) Sew down each long sides.
4) Turn material right side out.
5) Stuff with batting.
6) Sew across bottom edge.
7) To finish, tack down in each corner and once in the middle so that the stuffing doesn't shift during laundering.

That's it! You have truly done a wonderful thing... thanks again! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"


  2005.10.23  15.42

You may like to join this-


  2005.08.13  22.28
pillow help?

hey guys... i have a brother getting married in a week & no present, but i found this awesome shirt that he would love that's too small. no problem, i thought, i can turn it into a pillow! except i don't know how. does anybody have any tips/know-how on how to sew pillows? i get the basic gist - buy some kind of stuffing, sew tshirt fabric around it, but i kind of want it to look halfway decent since it is a wedding present... any help is beyond greatly appreciated!!!

(yeah it's crossposted, sorry)


  2005.07.03  11.18
2 Log Cabin Quilt Block Kits for sale in my Esty shop

Make you own quilt top from my easy to follow kits!


  2005.06.26  21.51

Has anyone ever had trouble with getting the tension right on their sewing machine while trying to sew gingham.. mine is all messed up and after 2 hours of messing around with it I just can't get the stitches right.. any suggestions???


  2005.06.25  23.29
Quilt Top for sale and some neat tips for foundation quilt blocks

Star Quilt Top detailed pics


  2005.06.25  20.47
Help Me clear out my fabric stash!! Quilt Blocks for sale!!

(Log Cabin Quilt Blocks - $23.85 each set, includes shipping!!)


  2005.06.09  18.50
Block Swap -- Interested?

So I'm wanting to do a block swap. I've got something specific in mind.

There's only one rule: Any kind of block you want to do as long as it's 12x12 and uses two fabrics. One fabric can be any color or pattern. The other fabric must be white or white on white.

You would make as many blocks as there are participants, plus 1 for yourself. We would have a good amount of time to get it done, they would be mailed to be with appropriate shipping costs to send them back, and I would run the swap.

Is anyone interested?

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  2005.04.26  14.40

I'm looking for a website where you can buy vintage and calico material... if anyone knows any please let me know. thanks!!


  2005.04.12  16.08
What do you think about this?

(Quilt Block Kit Idea)


  2005.04.08  14.49
Me + Spring Cleaning = Goodies for You!

(6 sets of log cabin Blocks - $10 each)


  2005.04.06  14.27
Sunshine in a Bag!!

Sunshine!! Sunshine!! Sunshine!!Collapse )


  2005.03.31  13.26
Oh My Gosh!!!---It's not Purple!!!

Greetings all you in livejournal land!

For christmas I made a bunch of crocheted grannie square afghans as gifts. As a result, and the fact that I like to piddle around with crocheting, I have a lot of acrylic yarn( I hadn't yet gotten into crocheting with handspun or the like...)

Anyhoo, while I was watching tv last night, I whipped this up...

It is 10" wide, 8" tall and 2" deep, with a 20" long strap. Lined in dark chocolate sateen.

Each grannie square is approx. 2 1/2" by 2 1/2", joined by crocheting them together rather than whipstitching.



  2005.03.29  12.49
Fabric Postcard # 2

Good Afternoon!

2nd Fabric Postcard in a series. I solved the problem of how to mail it safely while allowing it to be visible to all that handle it. I used one of my thousands of AOL cases, in this case a clear plastic one, took the inner tray out(it just popped out) replaced it with a piece of linen stationary and viola! A clear presentation case!

On the underside of the paper, yet inside the case, I can affix a mailing label or better yet on a separate piece of paper. I like the way it looks in the case...If anyone out there has more of the clear ones(they are approx. dvd case size), I would be happy to do a trade with you for some crafty stuff that I have.

Without further ado...

This is approx 4" x 6" and cut from a pieced quilt top that I made using a selection of my purple fabrics. It was then "sandwiched with 1/4" batting and a muslin backing.

more pics and detailsCollapse )


  2005.03.28  14.01
Art Quilt # 2 for sale!! ---$75

A Purple Art Quilt to adorn your wall. $75

2nd in a series. Made from a crazy quilt top. This is 11" in diameter.

click for more pics and to buyCollapse )


  2005.03.27  12.28

Hi I just joined this community. I am a beginer quilter. I know NOTHING. Everything I know is self taught. So you can imagine. I hope to be inspired and get some help from fellow quilt lovers. Thanks in advance.


  2005.02.04  18.22
for the kiddies

she's listed now... click click

by NuxieMade



  2005.01.24  01.13
New at quilting

Hello! I recently learned how to crochet and am getting pretty good at it. I learn things really fast and so I decided to try to make a quilt. I'm using some old blue jeans and a cotton/poleyestor (sp) shirt. My brother knows how to quilt and told me that the two materials would work well together. I've gotten a fair amount of my squares cut out. I want to check with ya'll to make sure I do everything in the right order and dont leave anything out! My next step would be patching them all together? is there a trick to that? hehe if you can just give me a basic overview of what order to do things in that would be awesome! thanks!

-Betsy = )

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  2005.01.20  19.38

Handmade scarves
Want a rad scarf with custom color, width and length, but don't want to learn to make one yourself? Have me do it for you!! Click and check it out!!


  2005.01.18  14.10

Style shown: Children's size Jeweliana scarf in covered bridge and gothic with yellow flowers

other items for sale at Kat's ClosetCollapse )


  2004.08.26  21.26

Just wanted to let you all know about an awsome community called sexy_domestics.


  2004.06.23  14.17

I've just joined this group! Whee! I'm an avid knitter (been at it since I was 5 and 15 years later I'm still going!) and I've just learned to crochet in the past year or two.

My favorite thing to knit is afghans, I love making huge panel afghans. The panels are just the right size to fit in my purse so I can knit on the subway! And I love to crochet little teddy bears :)

Right now I've got one panel afghan on the go, and two crocheted lapghans.

I look forward to exchanging tips and tricks and advice with all of you!! :)

Mood: bouncy

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