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Cage Comforters Needed

Hi, I'm just reposting this for my friend Retno- hope this is a good place to do it!:)

"Hello everyone:

I'm writing because I have the daunting, well okay -- challenging task of asking for help from potential quilters and sewers.

The New York City Animal Care and Control has designed a volunteer program called "Cage Comforters." The comforters are a gift of comfort for a homeless animal in desperate need. You help increase their chances of adoption by helping them relax so they can put their best face forward for potential adopters. When they go their new home, the comforters will go with them and this familiar item will help ease their adjustment to their new surroundings.
As a volunteer and supporter for many animal rescue and rehabilitation program, believe me, this makes such a HUGE IMPACT as there are more than 59,000 (that's right FIFTY NINE THOUSAND) dogs and cats that desperately need these comforters!

I believe that if we all pitch in and use our different talents and resources, that number can be reduced significantly. I may know how to design fine jewelry but I don't know how to sew. Also, I used to work as a "professional beggar" in my past life and I can definitely write letters to ask companies for donations including fabric material, batting or thread.

Below are the specifications and instructions on how to make the cage comforters. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to email me. All finished comforters can be delivered to the AC&C offices in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

I hope you will join in helping the many homeless dogs and cats in our City. Many, many thanks!

XOXO, Retno

Joseph Calegari
c/o P.S. 145
100 Noll Street Brooklyn NY 11206

Comforters can be made from any type of material except looped fabrics like chenille or terry cloth that might get snagged in the animal's nails. They should be a finished size of 12" x 18," but this can vary slightly as long as they are not smaller than that. They should also be stuffed with polyester batting because it dries quickly after laundering. The batting should be at least 1/2" thick.

1) Cut material to 13" x 38," allowing an extra inch around the seams.
2) Fold it in half with wrong side facing out so that it now measures 13" x 19."
3) Sew down each long sides.
4) Turn material right side out.
5) Stuff with batting.
6) Sew across bottom edge.
7) To finish, tack down in each corner and once in the middle so that the stuffing doesn't shift during laundering.

That's it! You have truly done a wonderful thing... thanks again! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"
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