Becca (beekerzwhirled) wrote in afghans_quilts,


i am in love with the Queen of Hearts pattern i found in "100 Afghan Squares to Knit" but cannot find the yarn anywhere! i'm guessing since the book is 5 years old, they are discontinued. I'm looking for Rowan Handknit DK Cotton in the following colors and quantities. if ANYone can help me, i would be so grateful! I can't even find them on eBay... and that's saying something. any help, a website you know of selling Rowan discontinued colors or anthing...

Thanks so much!

1.75oz/ 50g balls
4- pink
8- apricot
6- pale gray
6- lilac
7- pale yellow
5- lime
3- green
7- mid blue
3- orange
5- mid yellow
1- bright yellow

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